Partnerships 2010 - 2012

Project Title: "New and Alternative Tourism Enterprises"

The potential for tourism within Europe is not yet fully developed: the tourism industry may yet be regularized and job and business opportunities further increased.

This project aims to set indications and propose ideas with a view to helping and stimulating business creation in an innovative sector, i.e.that which relates to flight services within leisure and tourism.

The partners involved are: Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium and Greece.

Partner typology has been carefully selected so as to cover all the aspects involved in such a peculiar project: town councils, schools, a private company producing helium balloons, a non-profit association dealing with Media.
Citizen participation as well as the extensive use of IT technologies, and the great part played by communication tools, have all been forecast.

The partnership will also use an e-learning platform to enhance the learning process and to store all the contributions of the partners. At the end of the project a promotional DVD with video reports of the partner meetings, sites and activities will be produced to disseminate the project results.



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